Happy Valley - Southeast Portland - Oregon City

Cupcakes & Cakes Reinvented

Hello! My name is Anjelica and I love dessert….to say the least. Growing up my mom always told me, “Life is unpredictable, eat dessert first!” And that is exactly what I did. While I lack all professional culinary training, I found that whatever couldn’t be answered on YouTube or Google, could simply be experimented with and then tested on my siblings, who never seemed to lack feedback.

After lots of prayer, thought and planning, it was time to put my siblings’ criticism and YouTube’s guidance to the test! September of 2014, Fat Cupcake opened and I can truly say it has been a joy to be a part of ever since! Along the way, I met some exceptionally talented individuals who have become core parts of the Fat Cupcake family and have allowed Fat Cupcake to continue to grow in both the flavors and designs we now offer.

It is my hope that each individual who encounters Fat Cupcake, whether it be through our social media, a cupcake, a marketing piece or an experience with an employee, would leave feeling a part of the Fat Cupcake family. We desire to serve our community through the joy of a cupcake!


We are a family and you, our community, are just as much a part of that family! You’re what makes us, us! To say thank you to our community and invest in the ones we love, we donate thousands of cupcakes.

We are dedicated to you. Our customers! We strive to make each experience at Fat Cupcake, a memorable one. From the time you walk into our doors to enjoying your favorite treat, we are committed to bringing you joy through a cupcake.

We are passionate about dessert…cupcakes specifically! Our bakers, decorators and management spend time each month brainstorming on ways to expand our flavors and create new designs that dazzle the taste buds and inspire the eye!